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Six Rules of 1031 Exchanges

Daren Roberts - Friday, October 18, 2013

Tax deferred exchanges can be utilized on any real property – except owner-occupied property (i.e., someone’s personal primary residence):

If the client sells real estate or any real property, and does not do an IRC §1031 exchange, there are at least three tax ‘bites’ and two unintentional tax implications.  The three tax ‘bites’ or three capital gains taxes are:

(1) Recapture of depreciation: either for real property (Section 1250 Gain) taxed at 25%, and/or accelerated depreciation (under MACRS) of personal property (Section 1245 Gain) taxable at ordinary income rates,

(2) Starting in 2013 there are effectively four capital gains tax rates*: 0%, 15%, 18.8%*, & 23.8%* (which includes the new permanent capital gain of 20% for incomes over $400K single or $450K joint):  

  • 0% for those in the bottom two marginal tax brackets (but remember, the recognized net gain must be added to your AGI which may move you up & out of the bottom two tax brackets into a higher tax bracket);
  • 15% for all other tax filers;
  • 18.8% (15% + 3.8% Medicare surtax*) for tax filers over $200K single or $250K joint;
  • 23.8% (20% + 3.8% Medicare surtax*) for tax filers above $400K single or $450K joint;
  • * Pursuant to IRC §1411 – Net Investment Income Tax or NIIT (sometimes referred to as the Medicare surtax to fund the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act - PPACA or “Obama-care”)

(3) The client's State tax, which for Colorado is 4.6%. Read More

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